Monday, November 29, 2010

Chunkies, Skinnies, Inchies, and Twinchies

I opened an art group with the same title on a different art site. It has been open now for 10 days and it is by invitation only. There is a reason for that. Some people deem themselves artists because a parent or teacher is supporting them through encouragement and that it fine. Way to support the arts! However, in doing so, there are those who have not reached the status by which people would be happy to receive cards from especially when the recipients went through school and practiced their craft. In any event, it hasn't taken off as well as I had hoped. Nevertheless, it doesn't discourage me to continue to produce more cards then I ever have. I thought I would create a new card everyday for the New Year, but then I thought it would be too much pressure for me to go through. We will see in the coming weeks just before the New Year. With that I am posting cards that have already been traded, but if you see something that intrigues you, by all means - contact me here or through gmail, and I will contact you shortly thereafter.

These were fun to do and there are scores more. All but the one in green have been traded. It is funny I did two elderly and one middle aged card. i thought they were interesting and have so much character but wasn't as well received as I hoped; though the green middle aged one is still available.

I did get on a geisha kick and created some because of the interest of one woman. She flaked on me though but it still didn't take away from the others who were interested inn what was requested.

I found this culture so fascinating, I began drawing larger works along with other cultures. I will post them sometime next month. In the mean time, you can trade or purchase these cards and many others on and for the larger pieces of artwork please visit my gallery:

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