Thursday, November 1, 2012

More Artist Trading Cards

These cards I created more a variety of different swaps.
While I began swapping to get to know different artists from all over the world, I have a new found respect for those that can create such wonderful works of art on such small canvases. These cards are the last of the ones I have traded. My intention now is to be more detailed to where I can turn the Artist Trading Cards into something that can be sold rather than just a one on one trade.

Blue and White Art Nouveau

It has become a separate category in my portfolio to continue with the blue and white drawings. for some reason, its more tranquil working with this one color then in my usual black and white. I am also receiving nice responses from the change.

I am particularly please with how these turned out. i hope this will be the beginning of other illustrations in full body with much more detail. I hope these are as appealing to you as they were exhilarating to create.