Wednesday, February 15, 2012

New Artist Trading Cards

Here are some new cards that I am currently trading.

There is a difference in how I was drawing them before. I was inspired by some other artists that were doing a lot more work on their tiny little canvas then I was and having a better response. I get some comments as you can see in my gallery, but it is not nearly as much I could be if putting a little more effort then what I have been doing.

The cards shown below are my favorites to date. I think with most themes requiring 3 cards to swap, I would like to use as a storyboard so the cards can stay together or the owners of the cards can negotiate something to keep them together. I believe they will be worth more that way - some day.

Adding more depth to each card makes the card more interesting. Portraits are fine and as quiet as it is kept,they are so much easier. Its just I would like for there I to be more of an interest in my cards then just, "aw, they are pretty." For that to happen, it would seem filling the entire space with color and subject matter is the way to go. It also takes more time to do.

I will post more of them a little more often as they appeal to me. Thanks for viewing.