Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Inktober 2014

Inktober begun in 2009 for artists to come together and create an ink drawing for every day of the month of October. Well, I never heard of this before and accepted the challenge 3 days into the month. I had some catching up but saw it as something fun to do. When I saw that many of the works were sketches or free hand of form, I was going to do the same thing but just wasn't comfortable in having that online. Its like answering the door in a bathrobe and curlers. Why would you want anyone to see you like that?

The first drawing I submitted was the last entry for the Drop Cloth Series. It was fitting seeing where the other works were coming from, the expression for this last one was as if she was fed up with it all and was seeking help. But if her parents weren't going to give it, then who was she supposed to look up to?

The next 3 were a series of hairless cats. I saw these animals and was fascinated at how ugly they are
tot he point of having to draw them. This brought the challenge to the 5th day. Another series of 3 were frogs. These three are a little quirky and fun to draw. The stippling took some time and the idea of coloring these later is appealing.

I saw a picture of a stuffed toy and had to do my own version. After finishing it, I named it Bunny and was placed in the corner for punishment because of using art supplies when there was other school work to do. The next piece was of Bunny making the best of the situation. I thought it was funny and have no idea where the story came from - it seemed to be crying for it.

On the 10th day, there was an aquatic series of marine life. Trying the Japanese style worked for the first one and then, I don't know what happened. Still, its fun and am determined to get through the challenge. On the 13th, my intention was to do a series of owls. I needed to stretch my scope of subjects to draw. Usually its flowers and females and seeing I haven't drawn in a little while, this challenge was perfect to get ting me out of the slump. But it was right about here, where I was looking to get back to my flowers and
portrait illustrations. Still focused, I got through one of the owls.

To see the other entries to the Inktober 2014, click on the link or go to my art page on Facebook and click the thumbs up - please.