Monday, January 10, 2011

Women of Color

My intention when I went back to drawing again, was to do more women of color in the arty nouveau style; however, as I continued and progressed in this gift, I was noticing that most of my sales and views were from models other than what I originated my focus on. Why is that?

To those insecure about the beauty of all women other than Caucasians, get over yourselves. There is definitely a beauty in all women, the problem isn't that artist never thought it to be to night paint them, but that the education level in the fine arts were a luxury that was mostly bestowed upon those who could afford it - Caucasians. Seeing that they were the ones buying the art, they would more then likely purchase what they would like to see in their homes. It would only stand to reason why then artists would draw or paint that which would be profitable for and to them. It is why I have done the same thing. I might like drawing different cultures and many like to view them, but what is being purchased are not the cultures of my interests - and that is okay.

I still enjoy drawing and am doing well. Here are a few more I enjoy and have received a number of views. See if you find it as interesting as I do.