Monday, October 4, 2010

Artist Trading Cards

I went back to drawing after so many decades out of boredom. I am at this place of employment where there is a lot of waiting and keeping still. It is a testy of my patience and could possibly be the best time for me to rest seeing I haven't had a vacation- ever!

Well last year as I was browsing through the internet, I came upon this website for artists and photographers. I was intrigued and knew it was something to keep me busy. I had been crocheting until I just couldn't stand it anymore. From pot holders to afghans. I contemplated making a long sweater but it would have taken entirely too much patience to count the stitches and do it again for the other side. Drawing was something I stopped doing because it also took a lot of time and it wasn't a cheap hobby to have. Not to mention being discouraged that there wasn't much interest in art work these days having to only click and drag to create a master piece without even a drop of talent, passion, or desire behind it.

I browsed through the website quite impressed with the work I saw especially the illustrations and line work exhibited. It was practically the same feeling I got as a child when I saw my 6 th grade substitute teacher do a portrait of a child in class. I watched with amazement and knew it was what I desired to do as well.

That was all well and good but I had to know more. I took some classes and read many books. I still had to practice. And just when I thought one piece was well enough to post, I saw someone else's that was just extraordinary. I had to practice some more. It was a year of drawing almost daily until when I looked at someone else's work, I was no longer ashamed of my own.

When satisfied with what I allowed for the public to see, I didn't see the sales that I hoped. The work was getting some recognition in various parts of the country and other continents but the sales weren't moving. It was just then when I came upon the term ATC. I did my research and thought who would be interested in drawing on such a small canvas and trade with other artists? Apparently it is as popular as those hack y-sack cards.

I started off my first ATC wearing magnifying glasses and using a magnifying mirror. It wasn't long before I didn't need those tools and my work was getting requested rather than me asking.

Here is what my first ATC looks like:

Here is one of my latest card:

I am selling these cards as well for 10.00 a piece. If interested, please leave your email address in the comments section.