Sunday, November 7, 2010

Art Shows The Disposition of the Times or The Artist

I think when I draw I am at my most happiest. The colors exemplify this as well as the expressions; however there are those times where black and white will satisfy my creativity like no other medium. What it conveys to other is surprising to me. With these next few pics, try to understand even when I wasn't feeling too sexy, it still came through to where it is what people were asking me. How does it come through to you?

Here is another that caused people to stare.

And finally, I was trying not to have favorites with any of them, but couldn't help myself.

I recall being determined to make enough images to have a calendar. Too many times while in the midst of creating, the muse or mood is lost and you never get back to what you had the first thought to do. Not with these images though, Once I got started, I didn't stop until all twelve were completed. It was fun to do.

During the depression and war times, artist did try to create to help people not think of their current situation, but how successful were they? It was before my time. However now, the art work I have seen is of gore, death, and absolutely strange things. Don't artists care anymore to recreate a positive mood for the viewers anymore? Does the gore sell better than happier times? I wondered about the matter and still in finishing my first gothic image, I still couldn't manage to draw the carnage that has been going on in the news today.

Recently on another website, I listed what I liked and didn't like to receive with card swaps. My list consisted of what many artists like to draw, blood, gore, and carnage. Before finishing that list, people were so jovial with me and then the attitude changed. It was as if I dared to specifically request what seemed to have become their specialty. Why would it be a challenge to draw something more positive? Would that it could be artists to change the disposition of a nation, still Jesus is Lord!

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